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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

Welcome to Weaver Wroot – Next Gen Accountants

Hi I’m Alex, one of three Directors of Weaver Wroot and I’m going to let you in to a secret (but please keep it between us). I’m not an accountant. In fact, I’m the opposite of an accountant! I used to own a bar, hate bookkeeping and like most business owners, want to spend all of my time improving my business and making sure our customers love us and most importantly want to tell others about us!


At Weaver Wroot – Next Gen Accountants, we have a wonderful, talented, professional team and it is they who will be looking after your valuable accounts work.

So what is a Next Gen Accountant and what is it that truly makes us different???


Intrigued? Well when I owned my business there were critical flaws in my relationship with my accountant that played a huge part in my business failing. And 99% of firms are making the same mistakes with their customers.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we make it our mission to help you to improve your bookkeeping so that you spend less time and money on administration, which means that we are with you throughout the year in real time looking forward. Traditional firms complete your accounts. We challenge them and then improve them, all within your fixed monthly fee!

Most accountants provide a traditional service. Some firms say they ‘Start where other accountants finish’. We start before they even get going! We look inside your business and don’t stop until we help you to be as efficient and stress free as possible! When we’ve nailed that we can focus all of our time (and your fees) on real time, future facing advice and support!


IMPORTANT… Only contact us if you are open to being challenged as a business owner and value the numbers in your business as critical to how far your success can take you! There are fantastic, cheap online accountants out there such as and if keeping costs down is key then you have plenty of choice.


Next Gen Accountants. CHALLENGE. IMPROVE.


We can’t wait to build our businesses together!


Alex, Peter, Scott and the team

About You

The thing with choosing an accountant is that until you spend some time working together you don’t really know if you’re making a good choice.

Instead of writing about us (we are awesome by the way) we need to make sure we find the right ‘you’ to work with. We know that if you are right for us then we will be right for you!

If you follow this link you will see the type of business that we know we can help and will enjoy working with, and you should know straight away if you will enjoy working with us Read more.


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