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From Xero to Hero!

Many of you will now have heard of Xero Cloud Bookkeeping Software but for those who haven’t let us sum it up on one sentence…

Xero is Beautiful Software that make bookkeeping a doddle, but only if you you use it well and use it regularly!

Don’t Fear Change. Embrace it!

Trust us when we say that nearly all businesses (including us) who have moved their bookkeeping to the Cloud were skeptical at first. Is it secure? Is it going to be a nightmare moving all my data across? Will it be a pain to learn a whole new way of working? …

Well here’s two wonderful bits of news for you:

  1. Every single business who has moved to Cloud bookkeeping absolutely loves it! In fact they all ask why we didn’t do it sooner!
  2. Because Weaver Wroot have mastered Xero we make the change completely painless for you, helping you to move your data, learn the technology and be up and running in no time!

3 Options for you

  1. Let us do everything for you – Even with the beautiful software, time is money and so if you simply have more important things to do than bookkeeping then give it all to us and we’ll do your bookkeeping for you. The great news is that this is not an expensive service, it’s always available to you in real time so you can access your numbers on the go and it means that we know your records are perfect so our advice is perfect as a result
  2. DIY Books – Ask us to buy, set up, train and support you or your team to use Xero so you have complete control. We will be able to access your books in real time which means we will still be able to advise you as the year goes on, rather than giving you a history lesson at the year end when we finally get your records!
  3. Work Together – The beauty of cloud bookkeeping is that it can be accessed from any location, on any device. So if you want to produce your own branded invoices (yes you can do that from your phone!) but you’d like us to do your bank reconciliation then we can share the work between us.

Complete Flexibility

As the year goes on, if you want to hand over some work to us then you can do so, or if you want to save some money we can give the books back to you until you are ready to hand them back.

Whatever suits you, we will go with the flow!

Call now to start your Xero journey!

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