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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

About You

Imagine you are hiring a new member of your team to take on the critical function of controlling your business numbers.


You would probably want someone with a lot of experience, who has their finger on the pulse with the latest technology and also someone who you know is going to constantly improve the systems of your business.


Well, if you are looking for an accountant then really you are about to hire a whole department, not just one person, to manage the most important part of your business, your finances!


So, how to choose the right accountant for you???

Maybe we can help by letting you know who the right business customer is for us…

Is this You?…

  • You are always extremely frustrated by the whole bookkeeping experience
  • You are in the dark when making business decisions because your numbers are not up to date
  • You know that your time would be better spent on your business instead of bookkeeping
  • You are even taking time from valuable employees and family members to help with the administration
  • Your accountant is really nice but it doesn’t feel like they run a modern business
  • Your accountant is always looking backwards when they are with you at numbers that are no longer relevant
  • You don’t feel like you are using the latest technology and if you are, then you’ve not been supported to use it very well
  • No one is challenging you to ensure you make the best decisions
  • You want an accountant who will not only do your accounts but also strengthen your business
  • You love to be challenged
  • You started your business to be free from boring admin and to do what you love (but somehow that hasn’t happened yet)
  • You want to change!

Challenge. Improve…

As Next Gen Accountants our guarantee to you is simple.

If, after meeting you, we believe we can help you to achieve your goals then we will offer the following promises (alongside the core services you would expect from a premium accountant):

  1. To be upfront and honest with you at all times, even if it’s not what you want to hear
  2. To challenge and improve the way you control your business finances, from the person who does the work, to the technology they use. There is always time and cost savings to be made and we will find them with you!
  3. To agree your price in advance with no surprises
  4. To review at least quarterly your satisfaction with our service, the fee you pay us and the services we provide you. Our flexibility means that when times are tough we can give you the means to keep fees down by using our bespoke cloud technology yourselves, or when you are doing well and want to keep yourselves free from administrationg we can take it off your hands
  5. To be there in your corner throughout the year to ensure you don’t need to make business decisions alone

If, after meeting you, we do not feel that we are the right kind of accountant for you, we will make sure you are introduced to the best in the market to provide the service that you are looking for.


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