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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

We Built This City on Referrals

We are proud that 99% of our business comes from you, our wonderful customers!

We are so proud of our service and so excited about the improvements that we are making that we are introducing a new, regular customer service review.

Happy? Let’s make you even happier!

From August 2017 we promise to reward you with 10% of any fees we win from your referrals. This is completely uncapped.

Not Happy? Let’s work together to change!

So in the coming months we will ask each of you to score our services out of 10. If you love what we do then we will ask you to introduce us to your friends who are in business. If they then decide to join us we will pay you 10% of their first year fee. If you introduce us to a hundred businesses who join us we will pay you for 10% of 100 first year fees. You get the picture, the more you introduce the more you earn!

If you are not entirely happy with our service then we need to know this so we can do something about it!

So be honest, be pragmatic and work with us so we can do what we love, help you to make more money and enjoy life to the fullest!

Then, once you are 10/10 happy you can start to make money from introductions to other businesses!

You win. We win. Your Friends Win.

Call us now if you’d like to score our service! 01472 355 057


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