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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

Meet The Team

As you start to work with us you’ll notice that we embrace technology wherever possible. The reason we do this is to free up our wonderful team to spend more time with you on your business! When we are able to be the best that we can be we can then guide you to do the same.

Challenge. Improve. Our Business.

So we can

Challenge. Improve. Your Business

Peter Matthews – Director

Without giving away his age, Peter has decades of experience, which means he leads our team with unparalleled knowledge.

The Devil is in the detail and Peter ensures that the whole team at Weaver Wroot put that extra bit of care in to making sure our valuable customers’ accounts are accurate and secure.

With a real passion for tax and strategy, Peter will get involved in the more adventurous and complicated work when our customers need it.

‘I’ve worked with Peter as my accountant for many years. Through every stage of my business from the early years of growth, to the difficult recession to the stage where I’m now planning the succession of my business, Peter and his team have been there for me. I can’t imagine how our business would have run as well without Weaver Wroot. Huge thanks!

Scott Nixon – Director

Scott enjoys nothing more than helping business owners to succeed! To ensure we help as many businesses as possible, Scott shares his time between driving our own and our customers’ businesses forward. After all, the better we are, the better we can serve you!

Scott’s many years of experience are critical in ensuring all our customers get the best advice possible. You know your accounts are in great hands with Scott and his team working on them.

‘After a few months of blindly growing my new business, I felt lost, out of control and genuinely worried about all the unknowns in my finances. Since meeting Scott and the team at Weaver Wroot I now have peace of mind, real time numbers and a partner in my business who can help me make those critical decisions. Thanks Scott and the team!!’

Alex Weddell – Director

When you meet Alex you will quickly realise he is not an accountant. In fact you will probably think he couldn’t be less like the stereotypical accountant!

Alex became a Director of Weaver Wroot in 2017 because the current Directors saw an opportunity to differentiate Weaver Wroot from other traditional firms of accountants.

Alex is in charge of business development and new business for the firm. He used to own a bar so has been a business owner, like you. He knows what he needed from his accountant (but he didn’t ever get it). Alex ensures that every day we challenge and improve the way we work so we are always improving our service to you!

‘I always wondered if there was more value to be had from my accountant. Alex convinced me to change the way I work with my accountant and to stop thinking that local is best. Trust me, if you are in business and your local accountant isn’t exactly winning customer service awards then look further afield! Online does not mean cheap and basic! My online relationship with Weaver Wroot is a thousand times more professional, a million times more valuable and my business is infinitely better off (and I don’t have to drive, find somewhere to park and dodge the rain to see them) Thanks Alex and thanks Weaver Wroot for giving me my time back and business is booming!’

Chris Porritt – Accounts Manager

They don’t come more experienced than Chris and they certainly don’t come more hard working!


Chris graduated from Leicester Polytechnic (now DeMontfort University) in 1984 with a B.A. degree in Economics. Upon graduation he started working in the accounting profession and has worked for the last 30 + years at a number of well know local Chartered/Chartered Certified Accountants.


When Chris started in the accounting profession accounting software/computers were a rarity. There was no internet or mobile phones, only pen and paper and a calculator. Chris has lived through the computerisation of accountancy/bookkeeping during the last 30 years and has helped many clients to adopt to computerised accounting/bookkeeping.


Chris is keen to help clients adopt to the even newer cloud based accounting technology/software but without throwing away the best of the old ways/practices.


‘Technology is always a bit scary when it changes but throughout my years of working with businesses I’m always willing to help our customers to make the change and never look back!’


‘Chris always puts our interests first and we really value his attention to detail, reliability and wide experience. It’s like having a financial blanket wrapped around our business, knowing Chris is keeping an eye on things’

Martin Matthews – Xero Hero

Martin cannot relax until everything is as efficient and perfect as possible!

We’ve all been there… We have a problem that needs fixing, buy some new technology to solve the problem and then end up going back to the old way because the new system was a useless pain the backside!

Well Martin is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. He’s called a Xero Hero because it rhymes but Martin is here to help you to help you move your business in to the 21st Century with all Cloud technology, not just Xero (although he usually starts there)

The reason Martin is so amazing at this role is because it requires patience, calmness and a lovely personality. No one likes change and so Martin makes sure it’s as painless as possible.

‘I can’t imagine going back to keeping my books offline. With Martin’s help I am now in complete control, the stress has vanished and my business is booming! The best part is that I’ve got my evenings and weekends back because the bookkeeping administration is done in real time!! Thanks Martin and the Weaver Wroot team for convincing me to change when I couldn’t see the benefits at the time.’


Lesley Cooper – Leading from the Front (desk)

Lesley takes great pride in knowing as much as possible about our customers and helping wherever possible.

As Next gen Accountants we are constantly challenging and improving everything we do and so we are always finding new and exciting ways for our customers to save and make more time and money!

Lesley will be most likely to take your call when you need us for something and so be sure to ask Lesley if there is anything new you should know about to help your business.

Lesley is perfect at this job because she is mega organised, great to talk to and also excellent at making sure things get done in a busy business!

‘I always relax when I know Lesley is on the case. If I have a problem or an opportunity I know that Lesley will find me the best person to help. She’s also great for keeping me up to date with information that I just don’t have time to find out myself. Thanks Lesley!’

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