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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

Our Promises

Some you’d expect from a leading firm of accountants and some that maybe you wouldn’t…

Fixed Fees

So many business owners we meet are fed up with surprise bills and there’s absolutely no need for it.Not only will we agree your fixed monthly fee in advance, we will also review our fees with you regularly so we know you continue to be delighted with our service and the price you pay for it.

Challenge. Improve.

Traditional firms take the bookkeeping from you and complete the year so you remain compliant. We believe this is just not enough. A huge part of our service is to challenge the way you do your bookkeeping, who does it and what technology they use, so we can improve things for you. Faster, cheaper bookkeeping in real time so our advice is when you need it, not several months after the event.

Complete Honesty & Transparency

Sometimes what you need to hear isn’t exactly what you want to hear. As your trusted adviser, we take our responsibility seriously and if that means giving you bad news or challenging you we will do so, always with your best interests at heart!


Keep your Fees as Low as possible

A fair bit of accounting work can be done within your business by using the latest technology and being trained professionally. We will always provide you the option to keep your fees to a minimum by training you or your team to do as much of your bookkeeping as possible in house. Of course, time is money and so we will happily take on the burden of bookkeeping for you if your time is better spent doing what you do best! It’s completely up to you and you can change throughout the year as you wish.

FREE Tax Tips.

Relevant to business owners delivered to you by E-mail through our regular E-Tax Tips & News to help you pay less tax. Complete our registration form to register.


No Accountease if you Please!

There’s no technical speak from us. We speak to you openly and honestly and promise not to blind you with jargon. How much money has the business made and how much are you going to get? If you don’t understand something we’ve said then ask us to explain it more clearly. We can get our thesaurus out if needed!

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.

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