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Next Gen Accountants

Telephone: 01472 355057

Is Local Best?

There is a simple reason that businesses are choosing a remote accountant over a local one (and it’s not because they are cheaper!)

The reason to go online is simply because the service is better!

Think about it… How often do you see or speak to your local accountant about the here and now? How often does your local accountant look at your numbers, in real time, helping you to make those important business decisions? How often are you left in the dark because your books are not up to date and your local accountant is nowhere to be seen. How frustrating is it driving to your accountant, finding (and paying for) somewhere to park, looking back over the past year and seeing all the mistakes you made and then paying your bill for the privilege! How time consuming, stressful and pointless is all the time you spend trying to complete and understand your bookkeeping because you’ve had no guidance or support on using the latest cloud technology!

There’s a better way!

As Next Gen Accountants, we specialise in providing the premium, real time service that your local accountant just isn’t set up to provide.

We start with every one of our customers by focusing on your internal systems so that within just a few months you become masters of finance, meaning that you then save time and money throughout the year.

Because we know that all of our customers’ bookkeeping is perfect we can stamp a guarantee on all our work that it will be on time, accurate and that we will provide regular, valuable, real time advice ensuring your business is as profitable as it can be.

London & South East Businesses – Better Service. Better Price.

The extra good news for all of you based in the expensive south (Our Director lives in Brighton so he knows what it costs to be in warmer climates) is that as well as a more personal, real time service from your Next Gen Accountant, you will also, more than likely pay less for the privilege! It’s simply less expensive for us to operate from Grimsby and so we don’t need to charge London fees!

Win. Win!

Local Businesses – Best of Both Worlds

For everyone who’s within reach of our office in Grimsby we will combine the advantages of our online service (real time advice, time and cost savings etc) with nice coffee and snacks when you come to visit us.

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